We specialize in software engineering, IT project management, and IT consulting. We also offer comprehensive consulting and structuring in the areas of Business Process Analysis and Requirement Engineering.

Our Services

We digitize your business processes with tailor-made solutions based on standard components or from scratch, according to your needs.

We specialize in software engineering and IT project management. We also gladly assist you in the analysis of business processes and in the development of requirements specifications.

Our software engineers are experts in the conception and the design and development of Microsoft .NET based - client, server, and web solutions as well as in the development of mobile apps. We also develop business solutions and extensions based on Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office, and platforms such as Azure.

Our Services


TimeX is project management software that provides flexible and efficient time, resource, and material collection for local governments.

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LightX digitizes planning, maintenance, and control processes for public lighting systems.

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PatentX digitizes the management of permits (for example, hunting and fishing patents) from application to issue, including control and billing.

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TourTaX automates the collection from accommodation statistics of vacation rentals/ hotels for the calculation and invoicing of tourist taxes.

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Designed as a modular ERP solution for schools and school networks, EducaX allows the digitization of administrative processes in schools.

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TokenX is used for automated voucher management which includes reporting and billing.

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UserX automates the management of Active Directory users.

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NumberX is a Skype4Business Provisioning System that enables departments to independently manage their phone numbers.

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AddreX is used for the intelligent organization of persons and company addresses and as a central address data hub.

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DocuX is the AddIn-based solution for creating and managing company documents and for implementing corporate designs.

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KnowX is a knowledge base for the collection and management of case-based experiences developed for medical consultation.

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CaseX is a case data documentation system for chronically ill patients which is used in outpatient clinics. CaseX.INF integrates digitized case histories, laboratory data analysis, diagnostics, and therapies as well as automated reporting and document management.

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CaseX.PAD is a case data documentation system for employees which is used in the personal medical service.

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Our Clients

Mobility Service

Today, customers not only want more comfortable means of transport but also easier ways and means to plan and pay for their trips. That's why planning, booking, and payment are often handled together. At bkoSoft, we not only define the specifications, we also take care of the product development and its coordination as well as the testing and thus also the quality assurance. We help flexibly where we are needed.


E-health should facilitate digital patient records as well as electronic disease and knowledge management. Through our experience and proficiency, we help our clients create customized Case Management Systems. We also enable the availability and handling of (patient) information through networked applications in which we guarantee maximum security and discretion with the help of authorization concepts.

Public administration

Digitalization offers authorities opportunities to make administrative processes more efficient and cost-effective while at the same time assisting users through customer-oriented processes.
In Switzerland Bko has developed, and sustained for 25 years, a system for the operation of public lighting. For schools, our successful customized learning platforms provide students with safe and easy access to more knowledge and new learning methods.

Commerce and industry

Whether in commerce, industry, or the service sector, digitization offers companies countless opportunities to increase their innovative strength, to find better logistic solutions, or to optimize prices. With customized ICT solutions, we simplify communication as well as information provision within a company. We design and develop these highly secure programs and concepts with protocols that are careful to ensure access to authorized users only.


Startups have to establish themselves on the market as quickly as possible without losing the ability to innovate, modernize, and stay flexible. Through individual optimization of existing work processes and the smooth integration of new processes into the existing system, we successfully support young companies in developing strategies, performing conceptual work alongside software development, and managing entire projects.


Digitalization means sharing the opportunities of a connected world.