We specialize in software engineering, IT project management, and IT consulting. We also offer comprehensive consulting and structuring in the areas of Business Process Analysis and Requirement Engineering.

Our Mission

To successfully support our customers individually and in partnership with the digitization of their company, we combine technical expertise with industry knowledge and solid project experience. By working proactively and combining the proven with the new, we stand for customer-oriented and robust solutions.

Our Team

Bruno Koller

Founder and CEO

MSc ETH in Computer Science
MBA Oxford

After my successful MBA degree and careers in the military and private sector, I am very pleased to say that BkoSoft AG is now a company with over 25 years of experience and a growing number of employees. However, it has always been, and still is, very important to me, to maintain an efficient as well as a familiar working atmosphere. The client is always our top priority but so is the training and support of new specialists.

Philipp Leo

Senior Consultant

Master of Arts (MA), Economic Sciences, UZH

I am a consultant to numerous authorities and organizations in Germany and abroad and a proven expert on cyber risks and digitalization. I combine technical expertise with years of experience in business, administration, and defense.

Gerald Linhofer

Senior Software Engineer

Master of Science (MS), Computer Science, ETH

As a freelancer, I worked on many projects with bkoSoft. When Bruno offered me a job as Senior Software Engineer, I accepted it because bkoSoft offered me not only work on exciting projects, but also freedom in my work planning.

Stefanie Sigrist

Junior Software Engineer

Student Computer Science, ZHAW

As a gamer and technology geek I was interested in technology early on and decided to start studying at ZHAW in Winterthur. After a preliminary course at the university, I completed an internship at bkoSoft and gladly accepted the job as a junior software analyst as the various projects and areas of application of the company had always successfully challenged and supported me during my internship.

Johann Koller


Engine Mechanic EFZ

After working in a Geneva-based company, I worked for a long time as a commissioning engineer in French-speaking Switzerland and in the Zurich area. Nevertheless, the decision to work for bkoSoft in retirement was very easy for me because my son Bruno is the owner of the company and I enjoy managing all the administrative tasks of his company.

Francesco Praloran

Junior Software Engineer

Student Computer Science, ZHAW

I joined bkoSoft as an intern because studying at ZHAW required an internship. Programming has always been a lot of fun for me, so I'm at the right place at bkoSoft. I enjoy the diversity of the work and the fact that you can plan your work very independently.

Florian Leutert

Junior Software Engineer

Student Computer Science, ZHAW

During a computer science preliminary course at ZHAW I became aware of bkoSoft AG. Since it appealed to me to participate in a young and dynamic team, I applied for a job at bkoSoft. From day one I got the chance to take on responsible tasks in exciting projects and was able to help shape them.

Josefina Koller

Executive Consultant

Bachelor of Science in Communications, Boston University

I have worked for more than ten years as an executive assistant in various global companies and just recently joined bkoSoft. So far, I really enjoy the exciting and challenging projects but also the good and fun working atmosphere in the office.

Kai Schönenberger

Junior Software Engineer

Student Computer Science, ZHAW

I discovered the company bkoSoft AG through my Matura2Engineer course at ZHAW. During the job interview I noticed that there was an honest and open way of communicating with everyone, and that to me was promising. I also enjoy the freedom that is given to our employees.

Goekhan Bag

Junior Software Analyst

Student Computer Science, ZHAW

I actually like programming and problem solving. After completing 3 semesters of computer science at the ETH, I turned to other things. Afterwards, I decided to continue my studies at the ZHAW. For the required work experience, I accepted the position at bkoSoft. The diverse and helpful team creates a pleasant working environment which also allows me to plan out my work individually.

Cakir Beyeler

Junior Software Analyst

Student Computer Science, ZHAW

Computer Science consits of many interesting topics and fields. That is why I decided to study computer science at the ZHAW. The work at bkoSoft allows me to gather experience. It also offers me the possibility  to dedicate myself to my education, since we are continuously encouraged to learn. Due to the approachable and friendly team of bkoSoft, I learned how to tackle and handle challenging tasks and complex problems.


Digitization means shaping the future together.